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 Bookable performances

Outlined below are the diverse acts available for booking.

Whether you are seeking a solo performance, group act, or a collaborative effort, I am open to discussions to ensure that the results aligns seamlessly with your vision. Additionally, I am more than willing to craft a customized performance tailored to your specific requirements.

For booking inquiries and further discussions, please contact me.

Vülva the Viking Witch

In the ancient forest, Vülva the Viking Witch emerges, cloaked in runes of power. Her dance is a sinister incantation, commanding spectral spirits and casting a dark spell.


Beware her gaze, for she thrives on domination and control. Enter her realm at your peril, where shadows whisper your name in fearful reverence.

Halloween inspired choreography with bump & grind influences

Across the line of Madness and Seduction

A duo act with Miss Mona Little in which burlesque meets pole dance.


Prepare to enter a dark and sultry world and cross the lines between madness and seduction.

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