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Bodypaint: Spooky scary skeleton

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Spookober felt very different this year. No big Halloween parties, fancy dress parties, little Halloween monsters who eagerly ring the bell at the neighbors for sweets. COVID-19 has seriously affected our way of life and traditions. Fortunately, the creative mind takes over quickly and people always find an alternative outlet in art. More specifically the art of body paint ...

Transform with black raven plumes

Together with body painter Karoline T'Kindt we jumped into the dress up suitcase. As always, creative centipede Karoline wowed me with her homemade headgear, shoulder pads and demon nails. This particular headpiece is made out of black roses, skulls, pearls and beautiful raven wings that reach ghostly upwards. The shoulder pads bloom with orange flowers, skulls and black raven plumes. If there is one thing that brings me into character, it is beautiful attributes and costumes. It gives the opportunity to transform into another person and to tell a story. Here this was a spooky scary skeleton.

Clothing makes a statement. Costumes tell a story - Mason Cooley

Unique, time-consuming and intensive

The original result was a skeleton themed body paint. The combination with Halloween lenses gave the paint an even more impressive effect. Unique to body paint is how time-consuming and intensive it is for both model as painter. During competitions, painters are given + - 6 hours to finish their full body paint.

Ironically, it only takes 10 minutes to wash away the entire artwork. All the more reason to have a good photographer nearby who makes professional images and immortalizes the body paint. I am very satisfied with the end result and the photos taken by photographer Peter Schroyen. An amazing experience and asset to my portfolio.


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